Panaramic view

Brimham Lodge Farm  | OS Grid Ref: 422700,463270  | Site classified as: Garden  | HPG Ref: 60013

Map Evidence

1851 OS
Not shown in garden to S of house
1909 OS
Sundial shown
1946 OS Sheet SE 26 SW
As above

Other documentary evidence

On NYHER, MNY7225.
A sundial is recorded as adjacent to 17th century house suggesting a formal or managed garden.

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Garden-complex and sundial
Site Access: Footpath to W of buildings
Visibility: Good from footpath. Formal garden to S of house and orchard to E.
Micro climate: On exposed hill, House and Garden face S. Mature trees form shelter belt to W. & N.
North boundary: House and 2m dry stone wall
South boundary: 1.5 m stone wall with triangular coping
East boundary: 1.5 m plain dry stone wall
West boundary: House and 1m stone wall with triangular coping
Buildings: None
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: W. wall has stone doorway with triangular coping, S wall has stone gate posts with circular finials and gravel path to front door.
Water features: None
Other man-made features: Sundial to W of W wall. A stone plinth with 6 steps to S; 2 steps to N. Hexagonal column 1m high square top with bronze face.
Planting: Orchard 6 old apple trees, 2 modern pears, tayberries, grass and hen hut.
Garden mainly lawn with modern ornamental borders.
General Condition: Well maintained
Local knowledge: Known to have been rebuilt by Archbisop Huby possibly as hunting lodge originally.
NYCC Ref MNY7225
Recorder: MAH/PAW

Additional Information

Mounting block/sundial registered by EH. Listed grade 2, within the formal garden to south of Brimham Lodge.
Visible from PRoW and access land in National Trust area of Brimham Rocks.
For orchard see the entry for Brimham Lodge Farm Orchard.

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The Orchard adjacent to the main farm.

Extract from 1851 OS map centred on Site
Extract from OS Landranger map centred on Site
Extract from Google Map image map centred on Site
A print of the British Heritage website showing the page listing the Sundial
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