Panaramic view

Bewerley Hall Reservoir  | OS Grid Ref: 415520,463910  | Site classified as: Reservoir  | HPG Ref: 60014

Map Evidence

1909 OS 25 inch
Shown as icehouse
1946 OS SE 16 SE
Shown as icehouse

Other documentary evidence

NYHER MNY7195 recorded in error as icehouse; it is, in fact, a water reservoir for former Bewerley Hall (possibly removed fom HER now).

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Covered reservoir
Site Access: 30m from public footpath
Visibility: Good, on steep slope above Skrikes Wood
Micro climate: N/A
East boundary: Stone-faced
Buildings: Earthworks approx 4.5m x 4.5m, 2.5m high. Flattish gable-shaped 12m wide x 2m high in middle. Opening 0.75m wide x 1.2m high with shallow arched top. Red sandstone with ornamental flat coping stones finish. Earth-covered rounded shape going back to natural gravel slope. Stone platform across front 0.65m wide. Metal grille fastened across opening. Inside stone-lined.
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: N/A
Other man-made features: Metal pipe visible on right side of track.
Planting: N/A
General Condition: Good, some pointing needed. Water visible inside, flowing out near opening.
Possible contact: None
Local knowledge: None
Recommendations: Dowse for water outflow
Other comments: None
Recorder: BN
Date: 15/1/07

Additional Information

Reservoir shown incorrectly on 1851 OS map as an ice house, is still extant, and visible within 30metres of a PRoW, in an old quarry, on Nought Bank Bewerley.

Sites related to this one

This site is one of several that are related to Bewerley Park.

Extract from OS 1891 25inch showing structure incorrectly labeled as icehouse circled in red
Extract from OS 1910 6inch showing structure incorrectly labeled as icehouse circled in red
Extract from OS SE 16 SE showing structure incorrectly labeled as icehouse circled in red
Front view of reservoir
grille securing front entrance to the reservoir
Interior view of the reservoir
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