Panaramic view

High Fish Pond Eavestone  | OS Grid Ref: 421733,468652  | Site classified as: Pond:Fish  | HPG Ref: 60055

Map Evidence

1856/7 OS
Shows "High Fish Pond" only
2005 OS
Shows upper and lower linked ponds, northerly is named as Brim Bray Pond.

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: 2 Ponds
Site Access: Public footpath, Ripon Rowel, crosses beck between the two lakes
Visibility: Good; after crossing beck and following the path up the rise.
Micro climate: Very sheltered, in low dip of valley, surrounded by low hills.
North boundary: Post and wire fences
Buildings: North Lake, simple bird hides and dilapidated hut
South Lake, timber summer house in S.E. corner
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: North Lake: Gate access from West, stiles over fencing on East.
South Lake: Grass paths surrounding Lake
Water features: Both lakes, dams to North
Other man-made features: North Lake, rough bridge over outlet from lake; wire-fenced enclosures for pheasants.
Natural features: Some native trees, North Lake silver birch, South Lake hawthorn and gorse.
Planting: North Lake: coniferous trees, young staked beech
South Lake: stately coniferous shelter belt to W and SW. Individual small conifers and
General Condition: North Lake: Evidence of recent upkeep
South Lake: excellent; grass trimmed short, manicured
Other comments: On the early map, only one lake is shown, in the 2005 OS map, 2 are shown. There is the suggestion that the upper, South Lake, was made in memory of the wife of the owner. Further research could provide a date for the creation of this lake.
Recorder: MJ/ MHW
Date: 1/3/10

Additional Information

"High Fish Pond" recorded on 1856/57 OS map, although it is now noted as 'Brim Bray Pond'.

Extract from 1851 OS map centred on Site
Extract from OS Landranger map centred on Site
Extract from Google Map image map centred on Site
Brim Bray Pond today
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