Panaramic view

Aldfield Spa  | OS Grid Ref: 425592,468977  | Site classified as: Building Spa  | HPG Ref: 60056

Map Evidence

1856/7 OS
Building & adjoining enclosure, with at least 1 well, sit'd to NW of same, all accessible by tracks from E & SE.
1909 OS
As above, reference to Magnesia & sulphur waters.

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Building - Spa
Site Access: By tracks from E & SE. Footpath through site. Entered from Aldfield using footpath to NE of site. 1909 map ref to magnesium & sulphur well.
Visibility: Summer visit site badly overgrown.
Micro climate: Sheltered river valley.
Buildings: Derelict. Building adjacent to enclosure with at least 1 well situated to NW of same
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Main footpath now forest track, other footpaths leading to site.
Wrought iron pedestrian gate in Aldfield.
Water features: Spring in field above with small stone head with water course running down to river Skell
Other man-made features: Modern drainage channel to W of building – strong smell of sulphur
Natural features: Damp area of Meadowsweet and Reed Mace
Planting: Site now overplanted with commercial mixed woodland and conifers
General Condition: Building derelict
Local knowledge: Evidence of Spring the other side of river over bridge but impossible to view because of overgrown vegetation
Recommendations: Further investigation required. Possible written records to confirm details of Spa.
Other comments: Interesting wildlife site: plants, insects, butterflies
Recorder: DC/PAW
Date: 12/11/09

Additional Information

Shown on 1851 OS map as Aldfield Spa (Sulphur), near river Skell in Spa Gill Wood.
On 1909 OS map it is referenced by 'magnesia and sulphur' waters.
Site is visible today and the 'sulphurous' odours detected.

Links to related sites

This site is a part of Fountains Park.

Extract from 1851 OS map centred on Site
Extract from OS Landranger map centred on Site
Extract from Google Map image map centred on Site
The spa building today
Aldfield Spa well head cap.
Outlet from the Spa Well.
Strong smell of Sulphur noted.
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