Panaramic view

Eavestone Lake  | OS Grid Ref: 422814,467855  | Site classified as: Lake:Enhanced  | HPG Ref: 60057

Map Evidence

1854/6 OS
Lake noted together with associated rock features and paths
1909 OS
As above, but more details, inc. boathouse, pathways & rock features.

Extract from Site Visit report

Access: From B6265 Pateley Bridge to Ripon road take narrow minor road to Eavestone. Access via woodland footpath half way down a steep hill
Parking: Unknown
Visibility: Visible from footpath following north bank of lake
Micro climate: Damp and cool (due to surrounding vegetation and cliffs)
North boundary: Sandstone (?) cliffs;
South boundary: thick band of conifers;
East boundary: embankment and small valley;
West boundary: short steep hill leading up to minor road
Water features: Small deep higher lake linked to larger, shallower lower lake by stream. Stream continues from lower lake past embankment into small valley below
Other man-made features: Two small stone bridges
(1) over stream between higher and lower lakes
(2) over stream between lower lake and valley below
The footpath is edged by a retaining wall of large oblong dressed stones along the north bank of the lower lake
Natural features: Cliffs along northern edge
Buildings: A modern wooden boathouse on north bank (see photo)
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Footpath touches south west tip of higher lake and continues along northern edge of lower lake
Another footpath links the east end of the lower lake to Eavestone hamlet
North: Beech woods underplanted with bluebells;
South: thick band of conifers;
East: rhododendrons and silver birch
West: mixed woodland including rhododendrons and silver birch
General Condition: Very overgrown
Local knowledge: None known
Photographs: Yes
Recommendations: Document search to see if this was once a pleasure garden. If so, where was the House?
Recorder: DJ
Date: 21/03/07

Additional Information

Shown on 1854/56 OS map, and on 1909 OS map with extra features - Boathouse and Rocks
Boathouse not extant now.

Extract from 1851 OS map centred on Site
Extract from OS Landranger map centred on Site
Extract from Google Map image map centred on Site
Eavestone Lake today
Rock feature at Eavestone Lake
Lake feature - sluice?
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