Panaramic view

Fishpond Wood  | OS Grid Ref: 415505,464615  | Site classified as: Pond:Fish  | HPG Ref: 60067

Map Evidence

1856/7 OS
Fishpond marked
Fishpond marked with boathouse at SW end; a stone 'well' situad near NW edge of pond
Fishpond marked with boathouse; plot no.786, acreage 0.390
As above

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Ponds
Site Access: Public access, footpaths
Visibility: Clear
Micro climate: Sheltered valley
Boundary: N, S and W: earth banks, E dam
Buildings: Small remains of posts of old boathouse
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Permissive paths through woodland S and E of pond; an original path to N and NE is being reinstated.
A public right of way goes through the wood, along the western edge of the pond
Other man-made features: A small fishing jetty or landing stage is at the E end of the pond. An ice house stands on the eastern boundary of the woodland.
Planting: Estate planting rhododendrons and trees.
General Condition: Good. Managed as natural; old, overgrown rhododendrons etc. being cleared.
Local knowledge: Thought to possibly have been a medieval, monastic pond for Bewerley Grange or a natural feature enhanced by the Yorke family of Bewerley Hall.
Photographs: (Yes) and Museum postcards.
Recorder: PW/DC
Date: 20/04/2009
Updated March 2019

Additional Information

In the 19th and 20th centuries there was a small island reached by a timber bridge at the NW end of the pond (shown on OS map 1856 and remembered by local people).


Lancaster, William (1915) Abstract of the Chartulary of the Abbey of Fountains J Whitehead & Sons, Yorkshire;
An undated post card bearing a photograph of the bridge on Fishpond

Extract from 1851 OS map centred on Site
Fishpond Wood in the Edwardian era, showing the boathouse.
Fish pond Wood and pond today
Untitled Fishpond lake and Boathouse.jpg
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