Panaramic view

Biggin Grange  | OS Grid Ref: 421160,474900  | Site classified as: Park  | HPG Ref: 60128

Map Evidence

1856 OS
The property is set back from Kirk Bank road to the west of Kirkby Malzeard. A long drive comes to a circular feature in front of the house. The drive cuts through an open field with four clumps of trees. A shelter belt, enclosing a track, runs N/S on the western side. In the top NW corner of the field, a small enclosure is shown with trees on the perimeter. Beside the outbuildings W of the house is a small enclosure with mixed tree planting. The circular feature shows planting in the centre, to the east of this and south of the house is a small enclosed area with a formal layout of paths. There are also shelter belts to the east of the garden, a small EW belt of trees and a long NS shelter belt on the east of the property going back to the road.

1910 OS
No change to the overall layout. The circle in front the house does not show planting. The formal area to the east of the house and the clumps of trees in front of the house are not shown. Long shelter belt on the W is now depicted only as a track and the small enclosure in the top of the field has disappeared. The enclosure by the side of the outbuildings only shows one tree. The small E/W shelter belt E of the house contains fewer trees. The long shelter belt running N/S to the E still remains.

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Park
Site Access: Bridle path NE from Kirk Bank Road alongside property to W, also footpath behind house to E
Visibility: Whole site not visible, clearly visible in parts
Micro climate: Partly open, sheltered by farm buildings to N
North boundary: New laurel hedge, buildings
South boundary: Road and hedge, wire fence
East boundary: Fence and hedge
West boundary: Hedge by bridle path and wire fence
Buildings: Garage and barns, possible swimming pool building to E of house
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Tarmac drive to house veering left to side, gateway to road, bridge to carry drive over stream
Water features: 1909 map shows pond, not visible
Other man-made features: Bridges over stream through grounds, circular feature on 1909 map to S of house now part of drive and circular flower bed
Natural features: Not visible
Planting: Modern garden, including trees along drive and new mixed orchard
General Condition: Excellent
Local knowledge: None
Photographs: (Yes)
Recorder: EB
Date: 08/06/09

Biggin Grange and outbuildings
Biggin Grange showing modern ornamental garden
Entrance and avenue
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