Panaramic view

Bagwith House  | OS Grid Ref: 419720,474520  | Site classified as: Orchard:Site Of  | HPG Ref: 60129

Map Evidence

1856/7 OS
Not shown
1909 OS
Small triangular orchard to south of Bagwith House. Plot No. 270, .340 acres.
1946 OS
Plot boundary exists, no orchard shown.

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Triangular orchard to S of house
Site Access: Road to N, and footpath to W
Visibility: Clearly visible
Micro climate: Sheltered by trees to S and by house and farm buildings to N
North boundary: Farmyard wall
South boundary: Boundary partly exists, stream bed and bank
East boundary: Stone wall and bank
West boundary: Stone wall by footpath track
Buildings: None
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: None
Planting: None
General Condition: No sign of trees, neglected grassy plot
Local knowledge: None
Photographs: (No)
Recorder: EB
Date: 08/06/09

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