Panaramic view

Grassfield House  | OS Grid Ref: 415200,465850  | Site classified as: Garden  | HPG Ref: 60164

Map Evidence

1856 OS
To NE, alongside the road there is a area of trees or shrubs, in which there are walkways or paths.
Within the boundaries of the garden there is also a small orchard (behind the house) and a walled enclosure, possibly corresponding to a vegetable garden.

1910 OS
Sheet 135 NE (surveyed 1849, revised 1907)
Shows the house and grounds.
House faces NW/SE with ancillary buildings to the rear, a semi circular plot in front of the house delineated by a path from the house through a shrubbery and out to the gates on the Low Wath Road.
A carriageway to the rear, an enclosed area (possibly kitchen garden.
Surrounding the house and gardens on three sides (W,S and E) is an open area of grassland with occasional trees.
OS plot No. 495 acreage 3.729.

1955 OS
As above

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Landscaped garden with woodland
Site Access: None, view from main road
Visibility: Not visible from road; high stone wall
Micro climate: N/A
Buildings: None visible
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Not visible
Planting: Not visible
General Condition: Neglected
Possible contact: None
Local knowledge: Hotel being redeveloped – building work in progress
Recommendations: NFA
Other comments: None
Recorder: GB
Date: 1/10/07
Update - 2016
It can be seen that the remaining gardens are now being extensively relandscaped.
This involves drastic removal of parts of the former shrubbery and major removal of most of the trees and planting.

Further Information

1924 Bewerley Estate Sale catalogue - Lot 53 - 29 acres, 2 rods, 17 perches.
'a charming Georgian residence'
Description of gardens: private, sheltered from main road by a mixed plantation and Rookery. 2 very fine copper beeches, yew, and other ornamental trees, tennis court, croquet lawn, rose garden, kitchen garden with fruit wall, lean-to greenhouse, potting shed and heating chamber, small orchard. (Photographs exist).

The Grassfield Estate with the mill was sold to John Yorke in 1884. Had previously been occupied by the Hutchinsons (Teasdale Hutchinson from 1815 -1845 and Hanley Hutchinson partners at Cockhill Sunside Mine).

Speight (1906) refers to 'an attractive mansion forming part of the Bewerley Hall estates'.

Chronology of ownership

The house was built by Teasdale Hilton Hutchinson, a part owner in lead mines at Greenhow which he managed until his death in 1845.
The Hutchinson family had come to Pateley Bridge in the late 18th century when William (senior and junior) were partners with Edward Cleaver at Cockhill-Sunside Mine.
Around 1818 Teasdale Hutchinson established the Brigg House Rolling Mill for the manufacture of lead sheet and pipe.
One of his sons, Hanley Hutchinson took over the running of the mine and lived for most of the remainder of his life at Grassfield, (he died in 1891 at Whitcliffe Lodge, South Crescent, Ripon).
. . . Many tributes have been paid to Hanley Hutchinson Esq.,J.P., on his impending departure from Grassfield.
For many generations past the family has been provident.
He and his wife found the house too big and lonely after the family had left . . .
Nidderdale Herald April 1884

The house is offered for sale
For sale by private treaty, the Grassfield House Estate situate near the market town of Pateley Bridge which is in direct railway communication with Harrogate.
This desirable freehold property includes a substantial and commodious residence with well-wooded and ornamental grounds, three acres in extent; stabling for six horses with all the necessary out offices; also 4 farms with farmsteads, water-mill, cottages etc. The whole estate comprising 400 acres is compact, well-drained, fenced, watered and timbered and in excellent repair and is composed of rich meadow. The scenery in the neighbourhood is varied and beautiful and a considerable portion of the property is well adapted for the erection of villas. The estate can be sold in one or more lots to suit the purchaser and a large portion of the purchase money can remain on mortgage at 4%.
For particulars apply to Hanley Hutchinson, Esq. Grassfield House, Pateley Bridge or to Messrs Bateson and Hutchinson, Sollicitors, Ripon and Harrogate.
. . . Leeds Mercury 31 May 1883

The Grassfield Estate (400 acres) sold to John Yorke of Bewerley Hall
. . .the residence and the rest of the estate of Hanley Hutchinson Esq., at Grassfield have been purchased by Mr Robert Ingilby of Pateley Bridge on behalf of a large landowner in the district for the sum of £30,000 . . . Nidderdale Herald November 1883

Major John H. Metcalfe tenant of Grassfield House

Dr Francis Collins and family rent Grassfield House (see1 2 below)

Grassfield House sold as part of the Bewerley Estate sale

Herbert Hammond, a catholic priest, moved to Grassfield House where he had a chapel downstairs and a flat above. He was instrumental in the plans for building a Catholic church in Pateley Bridge, funded in part by workers contributions from Angram and Scar. The church opened in in 1935

Operated as Grassfields Country House Hotel

  1. Dr Collins was a retired Army Brigade Surgeon who had served in India at the time of the Mutiny. He retired from the army in 1891 and settled first in Fulford. During his time at Grassfield he pursued his interest in genealogy aided by his unmarried daughters Louisa (aged 24 in 1891) and Amy (aged 18). The family also included two unmarried younger boys (Ernest, who took part in the Boer War) and Henry.
    Amy Collins took up photography and recorded many images of the family home and surroundings during the period 1897-1903.

  2. 1898: The Nidderdale Museum has a watercolour of Gouthwaite Hall, by W W Collins (an older brother of Amy's). One of several paintings and drawings done at the request of the Yorke family before the hall was demolished.

From the 1924 Bewerley Estate Sale Catalogue

Two versions exist, the earlier presents two lots: 17 & 18 to be sold together with marginal notes indicating the sale did not proceed; bidding began at £3,000, withdrawn at £3,150

Catalogue 1 – Lots 17 and 18
Lot 17 – 7.810 acres of land, Mr Hardisty tenant
Lot 18 – An attractive Georgian Residence
Outbuildings: Workshop, Stable Yard, Garage, Five-stall stable, Loose Box with Loft and Man's room above and Dog Kennel
The Gardens
Very attractive, nicely laid out and well sheltered from the main road. They contain some very fine specimens of ornamental Timber, including some fine Copper Beech, well-grown Yews, etc.
There is also a full-size Tennis Court, Croquet Lawn and Rose Garden
Kitchen Garden, with Lean-to Greenhouse, Potting shed and Small Orchard
A sunk fence divides the Gardens from a useful enclosure of Pasture Land (7a. 3r. 10p) and three-quarters of a mile of fishing from the right bank of the River Nidd.

Catalogue 2 – Lot 53
Grassfield House
A very charming detached Residence, together with the Gardens, Buildings, Plantations extending to 29 a.2r.17p or thereabouts

Outbuildings as before but with the addition of:
Open Shed with Hay Barn over, Large Yard, 2 Dog Kennels, Pigstyes, Implement Shed, 2 Open Cart Sheds, Stands for 10 heifers, Loose Box and Manure Tank, Hay Barn, Cow House for 7, and 2 Calves, and Room over Garage.

The Gardens are nicely laid out and private, being sheltered from the main road by a mixed plantation and Rookery. They also contain two very fine Copper Beeches, well-grown Yew and other ornamental trees. There is a full-size Tennis Court and a Croquet Lawn, also Rose Garden, Kitchen Garden with Fruit Wall, Lean-to-Greenhouse, Potting Shed and Heating Chamber, and sundry small conveniences, Small Orchard. A sunk fence divides the Gardens from an Excellent Pasture of rather more than 20 acres, well provided with shelter from mature trees.

An additional Enclosure and Plantation of well-grown Beech complete the South-western boundary of the Lot.
Grassfield House and Gardens and Buildings  2.720 acres
Plantation                                                          1.944 acres

Photographic evidence

1. Early c20th – Collins Collection held at Nidderdale Museum,
2. Photographs taken on site-visit December 2009

Parks and Gardens UK

The site details are held on the Parks and Gardens UK database; Record Id: 6850
Record created 13/04/2009

1910 OS 6 inch map extract
Grassfield House from the Collins Series of photographs held at The Nidderdale Museum.
Grassfield House as seen during the HPG group survey of 2009
Collins Series of photographs held at The Nidderdale Museum.
The shrubbery at Grassfield.
Collins Series of photographs held at The Nidderdale Museum.
This shows (a possibly staged) image of 2 members of the Collins family indulging in a little bit of light fruit picking.
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