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Allotment Gardens, Bewerley  | OS Grid Ref: 415650,464900  | Site classified as: Allotment:Garden  | HPG Ref: 60168

Map Evidence

OS No evidence
1909 OS
Allotment Gardens situated on W side of Bewerley village opposite the green. OS plot no. 707, acreage 1.186
OS Not shown

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Garden
Site Access: None
Visibility: Clear from road
East boundary: Stone wall to road
Buildings: 4 modern bungalows built in 1970s
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Gap in wall now filled in
Local knowledge: Owner of bungalows remembers allotments when a child, derelict by 1950 and became grazing land.
Photographs: (Yes)
Recorder: PW/DC
Date: 20/04/09

Additional information

This plot, once owned by the Yorkes of Bewerley Hall, was included in the 1920s sale of the estate.
By the time of World War 2 the land was being used by some of the villagers as allotments; the owner of one of the bungalows remembers these becoming derelict by 1950 and the land then being used for grazing.
It was subsequently built on by the Foxton brothers.


Bewerley Parish Council Minute Books, Yorke family archives

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