Panaramic view

Fairy Bank  | OS Grid Ref: 419800,465700  | Site classified as: Declassified  | HPG Ref: 60223

Map Evidence

1908 OS
Evidence of name associated with leisure activity. Situated to W of Fell Beck
1955 OS
As above. Site next to Fellbeck open to public

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Landscape: Leisure
Site Access: From the main road a bridleway to the east of the Half Moon Inn connects with a footpath through farmyard, leads to a footbridge and the Great Wood on the SE bank of Fellbeck.
Alternatively a path on north west of the beck above the wood
Visibility: The site can best be viewed from the south east ie the opposite bank of the stream as it lies on a steep, partially wooded slope below the course of the modern footpath. Visibility is partial owing to distance and leaf cover.
Micro climate: A sheltered site given the steep sides of the gorge in which the stream runs.
North boundary: N/W extent seems to be bounded by dry stone wall
South boundary: S/E fragments of collapsed wall line running along the beck side
East boundary: Fragmentary dry stone wall
Buildings: N/A
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: None visible
Natural features: Steep partially wooded bank leading down to stream edge
Planting: The appearance of the site is suggestive of partially cleared semi natural woodland. There are some substantial sessile oaks and coppice alder and birch at the bottom of the slope. The underfloor carries many bluebells and ransoms.
General Condition: Unmanaged woodland
Possible contact: N/A
Local knowledge: The valley through which the Fellbeck runs is known locally as 'The Glen'. No suggestions as to the origins of the name Fairy Bank.
Other comments: Does not appear to have ever been developped as a leisure landscape – the footpaths seem to converge on the sites of the former mills along the course of the Fellbeck.
Recorder: MAH
Date: 6/6/2010

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