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Sparrow Park  | OS Grid Ref: 415675,465500  | Site classified as: Park:Public  | HPG Ref: 60227

Map Evidence

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Extract from Site Visit report

Site Access: Public footpath from B6265
Parking: Car parks in Pateley Bridge
Visibility: Highly visible, can walk through public park
North boundary: Recreation ground and fence
South boundary: B6265
East boundary: River Nidd
West boundary: Public footpath
Buildings: Toilet block now on site of gardens
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Former paths through gardens not visible, raised concrete path alongside on the flood bank.
Natural features: River bank
Planting: 2 rows of conifers planted, row alongside the river still contains 6 live and 2 dead trees, row of 16 trees alongside the path on the flood bank
Recorder: MJ
Date: 02/03/09

Further Information

Initially discovered through photograph and postcards in the Nidderdale Museum.

Research of newspaper and parish council minutes revealed a local initiative to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Subsequently, in 1898 Thomas Yorke landowner, gifted an acre of land for a new public park in Pateley Bridge.

Sparrow Park was laid out to the North East of the Recreation Ground (see below), beside the river. It was a small ornamental garden with a serpentine path, shrubs, flower beds and four seats provided by the Pateley Bridge Improvement Society.

For a fuller history of the site please see the following publication.
Sparrow Park & the Recreation Ground Pateley Bridge, 2015, Author Sheila Wilkins.
Copies are available from Nidderdale Plus, King Street, Pateley Bridge.

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Sparrow Park was situated adjacent and NW of the Recreation Ground.

Sparrow Park, circa 1910.
Viewed from bridge over River Nidd
Sparrow Park in 1916.
View taken facing the Bridge over the River Nidd
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