Panaramic view

Arnagill  | OS Grid Ref: 415350,476150  | Site classified as: Landscape:Leisure  | HPG Ref: 60229

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Leisure complex
Site Access: Sharp left turn off Pott Moor High Road travelling from Leighton immediately before Pott Hall Farm.
Parking: On grass verge over dam bridge opposite boat house.
Visibility: Cannot be seen from parking area – 1/2 mile to Round Hill – sharp left turn.
Micro climate: Very sheltered in valley, exposed after climb to tower.
North boundary: Wall
South boundary: Fencing from moorland
East boundary: Part wall, part open
West boundary: Open to moorland
Buildings: Arnagill Tower – of stone. Contains fireplace, once glazed. Stone flag floor.
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: One from gateway and the top. Access via new wall stile. Heavily overgrown leading to bridges.
Water features: Waterfalls below tower. Artistic licence in 19th century gives impression of water feature.
Other man-made features: Steps cut in rocks leading to Arnagill Tower. Several wooden bridges to cross stream.
Natural features: Very large and impressive oaks, alders, silver birch, mountain ash. Huge scattered boulders,
Planting: Appears to be natural woodland. No evidence of planting.
General Condition: Overgrown with bracken, bilberry and bulrushes, but walkways created for ladies in 19th century.
Local knowledge: Surface coal mining took place here in 18th century. Alders believed coppiced for gunpowder production.
Photographs: (Yes)
Other comments: A beautiful quiet place
Recorder: MJ
Date: 01/05/07

Additional Information

Arnagill Tower is listed Grade II on the Historic England web site.
Depicted upon the First and Second Ordnance Survey maps.
It was built in the first half of the 19th century for William Danby with stones from Grimesgill quarry at a cost of £46 3s 3d.
Records in the Cunliffe-Lister archive attribute the building to John Foss.
The tower forms a central feature in a designed landscape incorporating scenic walks.

Up to Arnagill Tower
Waterfall in Arnagill
Arnagill Tower
View from Arnagill Tower looking over Roundhill Reservoir roughly NNW
View from doorway of Arnagill Tower
Fireplace within Arnagill Tower
Detailing of roof of Arnagill Tower
Woodland feature within Arnagill
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