Panaramic view

Brimham Lodge Farm Orchard  | OS Grid Ref: 422715,463280  | Site classified as: Orchard  | HPG Ref: 60238

Map Evidence

1857 OS
Orchard depicted to E of house, Southerly aspect
1909 OS
No orchard shown in enclosure 0.720 acres Sheet 136/11
1956 OS
No orchard depicted

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Orchard
Site Access: By footpath to the S of 17C house allowing a view of the gardens over the wall to the S. The orchard lies to the E of the house and is bounded on the west by the formal garden to the front of the house.
Visibility: Fair
Micro climate: South-facing on exposed hillside with mature tree shelter belt to W & N
North boundary: 2m dressed stone wall
South boundary: 1m50 stone wall on bank
East boundary: Not visible
West boundary: Not visible
Buildings: N/A
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: To the west, a doorway in a dressed stone wall leads into the garden. To the south a wrought iron gate flanked by stone posts faces a gravel path leading to the main door of the house and defines two formal areas of planting on either side.
Other man-made features: Outside the west wall of the garden stands a sundial mounted on a stone plinth with three steps. The square sundial face is mounted on a hexagonal column base. It is a listed feature (see record 60013).
Planting: Within the orchard, there are 6 old apple trees, 2 modern pears and Tayberries. The formal garden consists of two lawned areas to each side of the path with narrow borders around three sides
General Condition: Well-maintained and tidy
Possible contact: N/A
Local knowledge: N/A
Other comments: NFA
Recorder: PAW/MAH
Date: 29/9/09

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The orchard is part of Brimham Lodge Farm.

Extract from 1851 OS map centred on Site
Extract from OS landranger map centered on site
Extract from Google Map image map centered on site
The existing orchard as documented in 2009.
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