Panaramic view

Tudor House  | OS Grid Ref: 416005,464630  | Site classified as: Garden  | HPG Ref: 60239

Map Evidence

1857 OS
Formal garden to S of house
1909 OS
House shown next to large kitchen garden
Map sheet 135/8
1946 OS
Depicted as a separate private house

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Garden
Site Access: Private land. Drive from road via bridge over Fosse Beck
Visibility: Not visible
North boundary: House
South boundary: Stone wall and iron fence
East boundary: High wall to Bewerley Walled Garden
West boundary: Wall and fence
Buildings: Porch ceiling: plaster work design of female figure. Remains of structure with pillars, possibly an arbour.
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Paths covered by grass, but position of previous paths visible after dry weather.
Garden described in the 1924 sale catalogue as 'a miniature plan of the Pope's garden in the Vatican'.
Other man-made features: Sundial
Planting: Mostly grass, some shrubs on periphery
General Condition: Well maintained
Local knowledge: See paper record
Photographs: (Yes)
Other comments: See postcards 1906 from Nidderdale Museum, also reference to works of Speight
Recorder: MW
Date: 20/01/07

Tudor House and Pope's Garden (also known as Bewerley Old Hall)

Tudor House and Pope's Garden (also known as Bewerley Old Hall)
The house, built in the late 16th or early 17th century, was then one of the most significant dwellings in Bewerley. In the 1770s It was bought by the Yorkes from the Inman family and eventually became the home of Bewerley Hall gardeners until the 1920s sale of the Yorkes' estate.


Bewerley Hall Sale Catalogue (1924), Yorke family archives

Tudor House, early 20thC
Tudor House in October 2007
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