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Ravensgill  | OS Grid Ref: 415202,463893  | Site classified as: Landscape:Leisure  | HPG Ref: 60242

Map Evidence

1854 OS
Area marked W of Skrikes Wood, running N. from Ravens Nest House, to a ford on the road
1909 OS
As above
2005 OS
As above

Extract from Site Visit report

Site Description: Landscape:leisure
Site Access: Restricted (private land).
There is a public footpath at the top of the valley.
Parking: In Bewerley Village
Visibility: Restricted. From road and public footpath.
Micro climate: Deep protected valley.
Boundaries: North, South, East and West: Stone walls
Buildings: none
Walkways / Gateways / Paths etc: Pathways from Victorian times, on private land, are extremely overgrown and have partially disappeared because of landslip. The public footpath higher up the valley is very steep in places. There is no public access from the gate near the bridge at the lower end of the valley.
Other man-made features: At the top of the valley there is a flat area within a curved dry-stone wall known as the Bandstand. During the 19th century concerts were occasionally held there.
Planting: . Non native trees including evergreen firs and spruces.
General Condition: Overgrown
Local knowledge: Photographs (Yes)
Recorder: MW
Date: 07/03/2010

Additional information

The area was developed as a designed landscape in the 18th and 19th centuries by the Yorke family of Bewerley Hall. The Victorian footpath, high above the stream, had seats set at intervals and in the 20th century some remnants remained of one of the iron benches.


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Lund, Percy (1890) Pateley Bridge and Neighbourhood in 1890 reprint by B Loomes & I Lawson-Lax 1979;
Murray, John (ed.) 1867 Handbook for Travellers in Yorkshire Murray

Entrance to Ravensgill
Early hand tinted post card of Ravensgill
Thomas Edward Yorke in Ravensgill, 1897
Some animated conversation about what constitutes the "official" path
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